Dial A TIF On A KP Panel

Manual Dial Sequence

  1. Activate the TIF listen key.
    Tap up to toggle listen on. The listen LED should be on. Make sure the TIF talk key is off (Talk LED off).
  2. On the keypad, tap CLR – PHONE – PGM.
  3. Activate the TIF talk key.
    The talk LED turns green, the on LED at the TIF activates, and you should hear dial tone at the KP-32.
  4. Dial the telephone number.
    Digits scroll in the display above the TIF key. When the far end answers, you can dial additional digits (to access a mail system or automated response system, etc.).
  5. End Dialing Mode.
    When finished dialing, momentarily turn off the TIF talk key. (talk LED turns red).
  6. Turn the TIF talk key back on for conversation.

Ending The Call

  1. Turn the TIF talk key off.
  2. Tap PHONE – CLR.
  3. Tap the TIF talk key. – The TIF key talk and listen indicators turns off and the TIF OFF LED activates. The TIF is now ready for another call.

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